Brand Revalue





A small-scale interior design project, for a upscale consignment shop.
Located in a corner of a shopping mall, facing a popular coffee shop, a fashion store, and an elevator hall.

Privacy is necessary for a store, which buys brand-name goods and precious metals. However, as the store does not have products on display to obscure the view nor catch the attention of customers, it is up to the design to create a private but noticeable space.

In a tiny store, likes this, it is important to balance both privacy and noticeability; flexible operable elements such as curtains would be an obvious choice. However, the act of “closing” the curtains to cut off people's line of sight can create a confining feeling for the customer in the small store, leading to a sense of intimidation and tension.

Therefore, I wondered if it would be possible to create an installation that does not involve the act of “closing”, a fixed element, always present as an object, but with fluidity as a phenomenon.

I created a partition-likes louver element, constructed with different directions of wings at the top and bottom.

The thin self-supporting elements reduce the feeling of weight, and from certain perspectives, it looks likes the installation is made of a light material such as wire, giving the impression of an open store. From other perspectives, it gives the impression of a solid screen, making the installation an eye-catching element unique to this store.

The impression changes as people move along the aisle, and for those waiting in the elevator hall, the appearance changes depending on where they stand, making parts of the store unseen, but not closed off to the customer in the store.

As a store without signature products on display, strengthening the stores presence in itself was essential.

When a person encounters the store and discovers the layers of spatialities, the installation as an experience is completed.

Shimpei Oda
Atelier Loowe Inc.
Norihito Yamauchi